Blocking and Anchoring your Shed:
Sheds are engineered to meet the 170 mph wind zone. However the ‘Installation/Blocking/Anchoring’ is critical in Florida. Install crews are trained to place the blocks as specifically called for in the anchoring drawing. The number of blocks and placement of anchors are based on the size of the shed. The anchoring system is unique and designed to hold in inclement weather. Ask our Lot Representative to show you the anchoring system – you’ll see why many schools and businesses trust the unique anchoring system!

Getting Your Shed into Your Yard:
The sheds are built in a factory and brought out fully assembled. You don’t have to worry about a tight fit, trees, small gate size, or any other obstacle that would stop most companies. The delivery crews have years of experience and can find a safe way to get your shed where it needs to be. Check with our Lot Representative on constraints and obstacles in your yard. Roll them in, Crane them over, or slip them through tights spots. Experience counts.

*Installation may be subject to State or local licensing and permit requirements.

View our Gallery of Sheds and Garages or visit us at 10150 New Kings Road in Jacksonville, Florida and see firsthand the unique quality of design and construction. Walk through one of the sheds and inspect the craftsmanship.